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About Our Hosted Business Phone Systems

We offer VoIP service, PBX system service, phones and equipment: fully integrated end-to-end internet-based office solutions. With both Hosted PBX and VoIP, you and your team can work from the office, home, on the road, or through your smartphone while maintaining your image and brand.

VoIP Phone System

Service for 10 phones or less

VoIP refers to phone service via a broadband internet connection. VoIP is typically more cost effective and scalable than traditional alternatives.

PBX Phone System

Service for 10 phones or more

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) functions as a private telephone network that is the modern version of the traditional telephone closet. Our hosted, or “cloud,” model puts the brains of your phone closet into professionally maintained data centers.

Why You Should Get a VoIP Business Phone for Your Small Business

If you operate a small business or are planning on starting one, you are not alone. Small businesses are one of the most common and recognized forms of businesses today. One of the challenges of small business is choosing the right business communications tool. Some...

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Based Phone Systems

Cloud-based phone systems are phone systems that run on a server on the Internet rather than a phone system that is maintained with phone system software on a local server in your office.  You can purchase cloud phone system service from a provider and pay on a...

Greet Your Customers with Proper Business Phone Etiquette

With today's advanced phone systems we can make things easier for businesses that have a high volume of calls, but those same systems are often frustrating for callers who just want to talk to a person.  When customers finally do reach a member of your staff,...

Reasons to Invest in a Professional VoIP Phone Service

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Switching to VoIP Phone Service Saves Money

Voice over IP has become a popular service for most businesses recently because Switching to VoIP Phone Service Saves Money.  It is a cheap, and effective way to provide telephony service. It is quite simple, instead of using the existing telephone lines in your...

Reasons to Choose VoIP Telephone Services

Hosted PBX vs Traditional On-Premise PBX - Which is Best? If you had worked with communication systems nearly 25 years back, you know about operators searching for switches, hubs, analog levers including plugs to establish calls. Nowadays, businesses have...

Hosted PBX and VoIP FAQ

Hosted PBX and VoIP FAQ.  Here is a Glossary and Frequently asked questions about VoIP Phone Service as well as Hosted PBX and other answers to concerning Business Phone Services Don't see a reason to change now. Managing change has always been an...

Advantages of a VoIP Phone System for Your Business

One of the first tasks for anyone starting a business is ensuring reliable phone access. A lot of work is done on networked computers, but offices still need phones for day-to-day communications.  Older, proprietary phone systems were quite expensive, and they were...

Advantages of IP Cloud Based Phone System

There are many advantages to choosing a cloud-based phone systems for your business. Whether you are a small, medium or large business we can help.your with a hosted VoIP system.  Today's cloud IP based technologies offer big advantages to today's businesses. Here are...

Benefits of VoIP for Customer Service

The global Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services market is expected to swell to$140 billion by 2021 -- up from $83 billion in 2015. Mobile VoIP and less reliance on traditional landlines are just two factors fueling this astronomical growth. Now, more companies...