If you operate a small business or are planning on starting one, you are not alone. Small businesses are one of the most common and recognized forms of businesses today. One of the challenges of small business is choosing the right business communications tool. Some entrepreneurs think they can get by with a cell or business phone system because they only need basic calling features and that only large companies can afford a business VoIP solution. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Below are 3 reasons why small businesses should consider getting a business VoIP phone solution to manage and streamline their business communications.

Look and Sound More Professional

Every small business wants to see his or her home business eventually thrive and compete alongside the big brands. One of the keys to achieving this is by presenting a big and professional image. Having a dedicated business phone number to publish on your website and on your business cards will help give your credibility a boost. Features like auto-attendant (which can be customized to route calls and play greetings and announcements) in addition to local, toll-free, or virtual numbers (where customers can call you for free or at local call rates) can also give your home business a big company feels.

Separate Your Personal and Professional Phone Calls

When operating any home-based business, it’s vital that you keep your personal and professional lives separate. Mixing the two (especially on the same phone line) can lead to disaster. Imagine if your kid or a family member accidentally answer an important call from a potential client! Your client may be forgiving, but the incident won’t surely be forgotten. Having a phone system that’s strictly for business purposes will help you avoid such incidents and let you maintain a professional image for your work from home office.

Take Advantage of Cost Savings and Additional Features

A business VoIP plan may be a bit of an expense but it is still cheaper than traditional landline service.  It also comes with a host of included business features.  For instance, our services at Telephone Connection start at just $15.99/month.  Our business VoIP plans have many different options that can be tailored to your needs some of these include: auto attendant, call forwarding, and more to help you effectively manage your calls.

Some Final Thoughts

Small businesses (and not just large and established companies) can take advantage of getting a business VoIP service. It helps project a professional image for your brand, is offered at affordable rates, and includes a great range of features. So if you’re planning on or are already running a business from home, then it would be wise to consider making the move to VoIP.

If you have questions about getting a VoIP Business Service, contact Telephone Connections for a Free Consultation.