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Telephone Connections and Panasonic

Business Telephone Systems in Tulsa

When it comes to your business, there’s nothing small about it. Panasonic is a global leader in business communications, Telephone Connections is pleased to offer Panasonic communications solutions for small to mid-size businesses.

Some of the features of Panasonic systems include:

  • Easily configure from 8 to over 1000 extensions
  • Seamlessly expand and network solutions
  • Reduce costs by leveraging existing data networks
  • Centralize feature access for multiple locations
  • Support mobile workforce with wireless connectivity

Stay connected. Stay productive. Stay secure. With reliable, affordable and flexible solutions for communications, document management, and site security. Law firms swear by our communications and office productivity solutions. So do Financial Services and Real Estate Offices. That’s because they help you stay connected, cost-competitive and secure, empowering real-time collaboration and speeding customer service. And with HD Visual Communications, distance is no longer a barrier to quality “face time” with colleagues and industry experts.

Solutions For Any Business Phone Systems in Tulsa

  • Size Panasonic is the Number 1 Global Provider of PBX systems*.
  • Panasonic is the Global Leader in DECT wireless.
  • We offer state-of-the-art telephony systems, full suites of digital and analog phones, IP Conference Speaker Phones, in-building DECT wireless handsets, and IP network cameras.
  • Enjoy seamless communication from room-to-room, or around the entire property with DECT wireless.
  • With Cell Phone Linking and our Voice Mail system that automatically emails recorded messages to your email account, you’re never out of reach.
  • Our systems support a range of partner-provided applications for the hospitality and retail markets, as well as SIP trunking services for considerable cost savings.
  • Panasonic also provides networking capabilities for seamless integration of remote employees and locations by providing easy access to your central hub, and by allowing incoming calls to your desk phone to automatically ring on your cell phone.
  • Panasonic is the Global Leader in Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Equipment.**
  • Panasonic offers the industry’s most comprehensive selection of IP addressable, analog and hybrid camera systems. Business Faxes for any size office with impressive features for today’s modern office needs.
  • * Resource MZA Ltd. 2008 Unit Sales Figure from the 2009 Market Share Analysis-Corded PBX/IP PBX
    **Source- IMS World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment-2009